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A valid Working with Children Check is required by anyone in child-related work.

The NSW Commission for Children and Young People introduced a new Working With Children Check (WWCC) on 15 June 2013. The check is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work.

The new process includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. If the check is cleared it remains valid for five years and is fully portable between jobs during this time.

Workers, services and volunteers have different responsibilities under the new process.

Starting a new job

If you are starting a new job in child-related work, you must now apply directly to the Office of the Children's Guardian for a WWCC.  If you are entering a paid position, an $80 application fee will apply.

Existing staff and volunteers

Staff or volunteers already working in child-related positions will be phased in to the new check over a 5 year period according to the industry sector.  Check the phase in schedule for your industry sector (under Fact Sheets and Resources). 


Services are now required to register as an employer and ensure that any new staff or students entering their service have a valid WWCC or that their application is in progress.

Providers & supervisors

Providers and supervisors no longer need to give the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate consent to apply to the Commission on their behalf when submitting applications for supervisor certificates and provider approvals.

WWCC information


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