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WWI Honor Board restored

22 September 2016

The restored World War 1 Honor Board has been unveiled in a rededication ceremony.

Literacy and Numeracy Strategy announced

19 September 2016

The Premier and the Minister have announced the literacy and numeracy priorities for 2017-2020.

Flood watch warnings and school closures in NSW

1 September 2016

Flood warnings are in place for several inland areas. Some schools are non-operational due to flooding and others may be affected.

21 Awarded Premier's Teacher Scholarships

25 August 2016

Teachers congratulated for their contribution to quality education.

Education Week 2016

1 August 2016

Media release from NSW Premier Mike Baird on the official launch of Education Week 2016.

Statement on standards-based pay

11 July 2016

The NSW Teachers Federation assertion in recent media reports that women on maternity leave are disadvantaged by standards based pay is unfounded.

Best spectacular seats on sale

27 June 2016

Tickets have been release for Australia's most popular annual variety show.

Community quest for school name

22 June 2016

A renewed selective high school in Glenfield invites community to name the school.

426 schools join Spectacular

22 June 2016

A record number of schools listed to be part of the 2016 Schools Spectacular at its new home in Sydney Olympic Park.

NSW Budget announced

21 June 2016

The NSW Government has handed down the 2016 - 17 Budget today announcing record education spending.

Queen's Birthday Honours

21 June 2016

The Acting Secretary, Peter Riordan, has congratulated recipients of the Queen's Birthday 2016 Honours List.

Severe weather - schools affected

6 June 2016

Some NSW public schools are non-operational due to severe weather.


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The next phase of RAM funding in schools has been announced. It's the next step in our ongoing commitment to a fair and transparent approach to funding NSW public schools.