Service providers

Early childhood education and care services must provide a safe environment and appropriate programs for children and are governed by strict regulations.

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The following early childhood education and care services require approval to operate in NSW:

  • preschools (including school-based preschools)
  • long day care
  • occasional care
  • mobile services
  • family day care
  • home-based care
  • outside school hours care services

Early childhood education and care services are governed by strict regulations. Find out more about the current regulatory framework, and see our FAQs.

Staff qualifications

Early childhood education and care services are required to employ a number of qualified staff. The number of qualified staff, and their type of qualification will vary depending upon the number and ages of children for which the service is approved.

Find out more about the qualifications required in your service here.

Mandatory reporting

People working in education and care services have a legal obligation to report suspected child abuse or risk of harm. Find out more about mandatory reporting.

Family day care information seminars

The Directorate is now running information seminars for providers or provider applicants who have submitted an application to operate a Family Day Care service in NSW. Attendance numbers at each seminar are limited. After you have lodged an application you will be contacted and given information about registering to attend a seminar.

Anaphylaxis Guidelines for Early Childhood Education and Care Services

These guidelines have been developed to assist services:

  1. manage the healthcare needs of children who have been identified by a medical practitioner as being at risk of anaphylaxis
  2. reduce the likelihood of exposure to alllergens in the day to day management of the services
  3. develop service policies and procedures for managing children's medical conditions.



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Funding for ECEC

The Department funds early childhood education and care in NSW through a series of grants programs. Find out more about funding grants.