Enforcement & compliance

The department works with all approved providers to make them aware of the requirements of the legislation and regulation to help ensure quality outcomes for children.

Parents can be assured that the majority of services provide safe, quality and well-regulated education and care for children.

Services are monitored regularly. The department formally notifies providers if it detects breaches of early childhood education and care laws and requires them to be rectified.

The department's preference is to work with education and care service providers to get problems fixed quickly.

Where stronger action has to be taken, the department is committed to making information about this available to parents, the community and industry.

The provider of a education and care service is the person or organisation who is authorised to operate the service.

The provider is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the education and care service is properly run and complies with the legal requirements. The service's authorised supervisor also has some obligations under the law.

There are legal requirements relating to:

  • the facilities and equipment provided
  • staffing
  • the number of children to whom care is provided
  • operational matters
  • administration of the education and care service

Visit the Regulatory framework page for information on the laws that apply to  your service.

The following document sets out the guiding principles for compliance and enforcement  and describes the regulatory tools used by the directorate to achieve effective regulatory outcomes.

Enforcement actions

Find out about Enforcement actions taken against service providers for breaches of requirements, and when the information is made available.


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