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Starting school is a significant event in the life of children and their families.

We know that strong relationships and information sharing between families, early childhood settings and schools help support a child's successful transition to school.

Evidence suggests that children who have a positive start to school are likely to engage well and to experience ongoing academic and social success. 

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What is the Statement?

The NSW Transition to School Statement is a practical and simple tool designed to enable information to be shared between families, early childhood services and schools.

How does it work?

The Statement is completed by the child's early childhood educator, in cooperation with the family.  All information is provided voluntarily. The Statement is then communicated to the child's intended school where it provides the school and teachers with information they can use in planning and preparing for the child's arrival and transition into the new learning environment. 

Use of the Statement is optional. Each service and family will make the decision about whether to prepare a Statement, and the family will choose whether to make it available to the child's intended school and teacher.

Where can I get the Statement?

The latest version of the Statement can be found on the Transition to School website at  

You can fill out the Statement online or download and print a hard copy.

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