Community languages schools

NSW Community Languages Schools offer classes in more than 50 different community languages.

Classes are held outside normal school hours, usually at local government schools and families may be asked to pay a small fee to enrol their child.  They are open to any school-aged student attending a NSW government, Catholic or independent school. In NSW more than 30,000 students attend every year.

The NSW Community Languages Program is managed by the Department of Education's Learning and Teaching Directorate on Level 3, 1 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010. Postal address is Locked Bag 53, Darlinghurst 1300.

Find a school

Community languages schools help students learn and use their community language. They are also open to any student who wants to learn a new language.

The NSW Department of Education provides funding to eligible community languages schools through the NSW Community Languages Schools Program.

Start a community language school

Community languages schools are run by hard-working volunteers, including parents and community leaders.  They are not-for-profit, incorporated community organisations.  There are steps to follow for parents or community leaders who would like to set up a school to teach their community language in their local area.

Apply for a grant

Around 250 community orgnisations receive grants every year through the NSW Community Languages Schools Program. Grants help set up new schools or help communities run their school. There are three types of grants available.


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