Primary students

Need to find info for a school project? Want to know how to be cybersmart, or how to get on well with your school mates?

Find out stuff about you, and when you're ready, find out what high school is all about.

Here's a sample bunch of links to sites you're bound to love - just for Years 3 to 6.


primary school kids

Class subjects - need to find some info for a class project, want to learn a dance routine or create a cool artwork?

Get cyber smart - sometimes things don't go to plan and you don't know why or what to do about it. Visit these sites and get cyber smart.

Friend or frenemy - friends are cool; you can play sport with them, go to movies or just hang out. They make life interesting and fun.

Starting high school - there are lots of awesome things about starting high school too, like meeting new friends and different school subjects.


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