Leaving school

So…what do you want to be when you grow up? Duh.

Some of us can't wait to leave school and move on to bigger and better things - university, TAFE, traineeships, a new job, or traveling the world.

school leavers taking a photo of themselves

For others it may be a stressful time, saying goodbye to friends and moving away from home.

Then there are those of us who haven't even thought about what we want to do when school finishes.

Wherever you're at with your decisions don't forget there are parents, teachers and friends that can help. Take a look at the sites below to see what your options are.

My future Use the personalised ‘my guide' to help find out what career suits you, check out when career expos are on and get information, support and advice about how best to score your dream job.

My Skills - Vocational education and training courses for students - search for what you can learn, and where you can go to learn.

TAFE  Research your choices, options and pathways for success

Apprenticeships  Get technical and vocational qualifications while studying at school

Universities Admissions Centre  Search for courses, distance education and FAQs

Good job guide  Hundreds of profiles on different careers

SchooltoWork  Access to great career planning sites, student pathway survey and explore your options 

Ace day jobs  Find out about cool jobs you didn't even know existed, take a survey to see which career matches you, watch people doing jobs they love and lots more

Skills one   Watch hundreds of videos about getting a skill or trade

Hobsons Course Finder  Search for university courses and options

Virtual careers expo   If you don't want to leave home to go to a careers expo online.


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