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Grab those books and get your brain into gear!

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Yes, assignments are kind of a drag. There are a million other things you'd rather be doing. So to help you knock it over and score top marks use the links below. There's loads of info for each subject and tips on the best ways to study.


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Gotta question? Ask away!

This site has been set up by the National and State Libraries Australasia and has information professionals waiting online to help you get started.

Fill out a simple form and watch as they suggest websites where you can find the info your after. 


12 steps for effective studying

Are you notorious for chucking an all-nighter? Believe it or not there is a better way to study. Follow these 12 steps and stay goodbye to the all-night cram sessions.


Study resources

TaLe4Students is a great place to start for study resources - you will need your school student login


High school ace  - Subject guides and library reference sites
How stuff works 
- Random, interesting facts, videos and blogs
  - The Internet Public Library – research subjects, reference links and books


English homework help  - About writing, mechanics and grammar tips
English homework helper
- Search authors, books, grammar, literature, and vocabulary
The complete works of William Shakespeare
  - Comedy, history, tragedy and poetry, scene by scene


World rankings and records  - Search by category, country and region, access to useful info


Maths online - Sign up for Years 7-12 online tutorial programs by stream, topic and lesson
Calculus 101
  - Automatic calculus and algebra help


BBC history - From ancient to recent, interactive sites and virtual tours, follow history trails, the A-Z search of historical figures or scroll the timeline from the Neolithic age to the present time


Science homework help  - Master the facts of earth, physical and life science and access great videos, interactive sites and links
World Meteorological Association
- Search about weather, climate and water


World languages homework help  - Dictionary, seven languages links and info
Foreign languages homework helper -
Nine languages plus heaps of info

Aboriginal culture

Indigenous Australia  Content with cred - written by Aboriginal people
ABC online Indigenous language map
  - Marked up Google map, and A-Z language search
Aboriginal languages -
Info on over 80 languages


Web museum network - Plus access to an index of painters and famous paintings

HSC help

HSC Online - Hints and tips to help you study, survive and plan your life beyond the HSC


Procrastination - What it is and how to get over it
Know it all  - C
ool tips from the experts to beat exam stress
Preparing to study
- Have you got your desk space sorted?
Find a good place to study -
Fit your learning space to your study style

These sites have been chosen just for you. But you know how the web is. It's constantly changing, things are here one minute gone the next, and sometimes it's hard to know just how reliable the info really is. So make sure you check the web cred of these sites.


This site uses Google Translate, a free language translation service, as an aid. Please note translation accuracy will vary across languages.