Preschool to Year 6

This parents' section has links to useful information about key aspects of your child's education and school life, from preschool through Kindergarten to Year 6, and transition to high school.



 Locate a preschool, find great tips for parents, and guides that make it easier  for you in getting your child ready for their first day at preschool.

Starting school

Practical parent guides and checklists for for getting organised, and to help prepare your child for the first days of kindergarten.

International students and temporary residents

Find out the study options for full-time study for student visa holders, students with visitor visas or temporary visas, and study tours.

Curriculum and activities

Caring for students and families- find out about the programs that support students and their families.

School life - the school handbook contains useful information about day-to-day practicalities, school routines and requirements, with topics ranging from homework to attendances and absences and school uniforms.


students ready for high school

Transition to high school - going to high school will be a new experience for your child.


For practical parent and student tips
about making the transition, getting to
know the routine, understanding the social changes and challenges, new school work and how parents can get involved.



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