This practical information for parents covers your child's key transitions from preschool through to high school and beyond.

In the classroom

Find out about what they will learn at each stage and the opportunities and support offered in the classroom, or explore activities for them to take part in, in their own time outside of school.

Follow links to know more about the key aspects of the education system and life at school, what your child will learn, and how you can help. We also offer articles, guides, and blogs to help you make informed choices at the key stages of your child's learning journey.

Extra-curricular activities

Outside of school

Explore these activities for your child to take part in, outside of school, in their own time.


Interesting opportunities for your child to explore volunteering, and get involved in the community:

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Find out about the range of sporty, leisurely, artistic or green activities and events:

Sport and recreation

A great way to help your child develop in a fun, secure and professionally-run environment:


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International school students

Meet current and past international school students and watch their videos.

Go to DEC International to find out about international students, temporary residents, study tours and short-term study overseas.