Great Teaching Inspired Learning

Reforms span the whole career cycle of a teacher from initial teacher training and induction for beginning teachers, through to recognising and valuing experienced teachers and supporting potential school leaders.

Reforms and milestones

Initial teacher education

  • Attracting the best and brightest into teaching
  • Strengthening the professional experience in partnership with
  • Improving the evidence base for our teaching workforce.

Entry into the profession

  • Better support for beginning teachers
  • Streamlined probation and accreditation processes
  • Improved induction support
    for beginning permanent,
    temporary and casual teachers.

Develop and maintain professional practice

  • Strengthened performance management and development processes
  • Improving the management of underperformance.

Recognise and share outstanding practice

  • Moving to a standards-based career structure
  • Strengthening school leadership
  • Sharing and using evidence and good practice.



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Great Teaching Inspired Learning

Sector-wide information 
More information about key reforms across the education sector can be found on the NSW Institute of Teachers website.