Disability support

Support is available for students from early childhood through to leaving high school.


Public schools

Every student, regardless of ability and need for additional support, is entitled to an education.

Students with disability and special needs are supported through a wide range of programs and services that operate in regular and special schools across the state.

The Learning and Support Team in each school assists classroom teachers to address the educational needs of students with a disability, learning difficulty or behaviour disorder. Parents or caregivers have a vital role to play in the work of the Learning and Support Team through discussing and planning for their child's needs.

Students who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning and behaviour are supported through Learning and Support   in their local school.Students in primary, secondary and central schools may receive additional assistance in literacy, numeracy, language and behaviour. Students do not need a formal diagnosis of disability to access support through these resources.

Additional support for eligible students with disability is provided through specialist disability programs  that operate in regular and special schools.

Search the Services locator to find schools with special classes. 

Every Student, Every School

Every Student, Every School is an initiative providing better learning and support for the 90,000 students with a disability, learning difficulties or behaviour support needs in our public schools through a strong focus on professional learning and support for teachers and support staff.

Vocational Education and Training in Schools 

Provides additional support for students with disabilities.

Vocational Education and Training in TAFE for school students (TVET)

Information about TAFE delivered HSC VET (TVET) courses for school students with a disability in 11 languages.



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