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Education Week 2017

21 July 2017

Ed Week 2017 launches 31 July. Join the live stream celebrations.

Excellence in hospitality

5 July 2017

A new VET hospitality industry immersion program is helping teachers enhance the delivery of hospitality courses to HSC students.

Leadership lessons licked

28 June 2017

How puppies are teaching students valuable leadership skills.

Na Ngara creates vibrant vision

16 June 2017

One of the most substantial collections of Aboriginal art outside a museum or gallery was unveiled at Sydney Boys High School to mark National Sorry Day.

Restoring fencing builds hope

15 June 2017

Manilla Central School's Year 12 Primary Industries class joined the latest volunteers to help restore farms destroyed by February's devastating bushfires.

$217 million for preschool fee relief

9 June 2017

The NSW Budget is backing our youngest learners and making early childhood education more affordable for families with an additional $217 million for the successful Start Strong program.

Premier's Sporting Challenge

26 May 2017

The NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge marked its 10th anniversary this week having clocked up 19,265 years of physical activity by its 2.4 million student participants across the decade.

2017 Nanga Mai Awards

29 March 2017

Celebrating innovation, excellence and achievement in Aboriginal education in NSW public schools and school communities.


School Finder

School Finder

Use the School Finder to locate the public school zoned for your household. Enter your address and a map will display your home address and the enrolment area of your designated school. The information window shows useful information about the school such as contact details, out of hours care information and public transport routes.



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