NEALS logoThe National Education Access Licence for Schools (NEALS) is a copyright licence for schools in Australia. The licence was introduced by the school education sector to help reduce annual copyright fees incurred by schools.

Under normal copyright law, education departments are liable to pay copyright royalties when schools copy or communicate material such as information from websites, administration documents and pages from text books. Before the introduction of NEALS, this included all material created by the department for its own schools.

The NEALS licence allows staff in schools to copy any material which is normally available to them and marked with a NEALS logo without incurring the usual copyright fees. Unlike other copyright material there are no restrictions on the volume of copying schools can make of NEALS material, provided the material is copied for an educational purpose.

NEALS is not intended to allow education departments or schools to copy each other's material free of charge for commercial purposes, nor does it create any additional access rights to DEC created material.

If you require further information about the National Education Access Licence for schools please contact:

The copyright manager
(02) 9561 8179



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