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NSW Department of Education

Head office switchboard
Phone: 1300 679 332
Website: NSW Department of Education

Aboriginal education & training (students and communities)

Support, leadership, advocacy and advice about education and training for Aboriginal students and communities.
Phone: 9244 5393
Fax: 9244 5365

Aboriginal Affairs NSW

Aboriginal Affairs provides strategic policy advice and advocacy for the Aboriginal people of NSW.
Phone: 1800 019 998
Website: Aboriginal Affairs NSW

Adult Migrant English Service (course information)

Language and literacy tuition for newly-arrived migrants across metropolitan and rural centres.
phone 1800 114 707
Website: AMES

Assisted school travel program (students with special needs)

Transport services for students enrolled in special schools and support classes or placed in regular classes for students who are mobility dependent.
Phone: 1300 338 278

Complaints, compliments, suggestions

How to make a complaint about services provided by schools and the department's corporate offices.
Website: Complaints, compliments, suggestions

Correspondence handling statement

Information about corresponding with the department's Ministers and Secretary.
Website: Correspondence handling statement

Disability support

For individuals with disabilities and their carers, from early childhood to training on the job.
Phone: 9244 5085
Fax: 9266 8527
website Disability support

Disability programs (school students)

Information and resources for school students with special needs
Website: Disability programs
Phone: contact your local school regional office

Distance education

Access and equity provisions for rural and isolated students
Phone:  6334 8072
Website: Distance education

Early childhood education and care

Regulation of the operation of early childhood education and care services for children from birth through to and including school age.
Website: Early childhood education and care

Employment - teaching

Want to become a teacher?
Phone: 1300 300 498
Website: teach.nsw

Teacher leave and pay enquiries
Contact EDConnect
Phone: 1300 32 32 32

Teacher employment enquiries:
Phone 1300 300 498
Website: teach.nsw

Teacher Scholarship Program
Phone 1300 301 435

Employment - non-teaching staff

General careers enquiries
Website: Careers

Non-teaching leave and pay enquiries – all areas
Contact EDConnect
Phone: 1300 32 32 32

School recruitment  (non-teaching)
Contact EDConnect
Phone: 1300 32 32 32

Higher School Certificate (HSC)

The NSW Education Standards Authority manages the Higher School Certificate. 
- About the HSC
- Courses
- Exam advice and resources for students 
- Replacement examination results and certificates 


Home schooling in NSW

The NSW Education Standards Authority administers the home schooling registration process.
Phone: +61 2 9367 8149 
website: Home schooling registration

Information access (formerly Freedom of Information)

Find out about public access to department information.
phone: 9561 8100
website: Information access

International students

NSW Government schools - International Students Program
For holders of student visas (subclass 571P) - enrolment enquiries
Phone: +61 2 8289 4777
Website: DEC International schools

NSW Government schools - Temporary Residents Program
For holders of visitor, dependent student, bridging or other temporary resident visas - enrolment enquiries
Phone: +61 1300 300 229
website: DEC International temporary residents

NSW Government schools - study tours
For groups of school-aged students or adults wishing to visit NSW Government schools
Phone: +61 2 8293 6910
Website: DEC International study tours


The department's media unit handles all education media-related enquiries.

phone:  9561 8501

Illawarra and South East
phone: 4224 9095

Hunter Valley, Central Coast and North
phone:  4924 9982

New England, Riverina and Western NSW
phone: 6334 8080

Policies & procedures

Policies and related documents with a state-wide application including policy documents relevant for NSW public schools and the corporate directorate.
website: Policies & procedures


State education research approvals process (SERAP)
phone: 9244 5060

Safety and security

24-hour security hotline
phone: 1300 88 00 21

School sports

Sport-focused student program enquiries
phone: 9707 6900
website: School sport unit

Supplier and apprentice payment enquiries

Contact EDConnect
Phone: 1300 32 32 32


Want to become a teacher?
Phone: 1300 300 498
Website: teach.NSW

Teacher leave and pay enquiries

Contact EDConnect
Phone: 1300 32 32 32

Teacher employment enquiries:

Phone 1300 300 498
Website: teach.nsw

Teacher Scholarship Program

Phone 1300 301 435


Can't find the contact you're looking for?

Call the head office switchboard
Phone: 1300 679 332
             1300 NSW DEC 

Postal address:  GPO Box 33, Sydney NSW 2001
Address:  35 Bridge Street, Sydney

For enquiries about education and the school system, location of policy documents

Call the schools and community senior information officer
Phone:  9561 8999





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