Schools asbestos register

The department's schools asbestos register contains information about the existence and location of any known or presumed asbestos-containing materials on school sites, based on advice from experts. 

The registers are updated annually with additional information most recently being integrated into existing registers during February 2014.

The vast majority of materials containing asbestos are safe. Studies show that if the material is left undisturbed and is in sound condition it poses no risk to health.

The A-Z schools asbestos register provides advice to people working on the department's sites about the likelihood of encountering materials that contain asbestos.

Search the A-Z schools asbestos register

To fully understand the register, read the department's accompanying Asbestos management plan (PDF 4MB). It explains how the register was compiled and how the department deals with asbestos-related issues in schools.  It is recommended that you read this information before accessing any register.


A small number of schools provide a site-specific management plan detailing where we have found and remediated in-grounds asbestos.

Further information

Any member of the school community, parent, student or neighbour, is able to view their school's asbestos register by contacting the school principal. Call 132 779 and ask for your school's asset management unit.


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