Funding for early childhood education review

Preschool fees for 4- and 5-year olds will be lower in 2013, and a new funding system will roll out in 2014 that will be better targeted to need and the State's priorities.

Funding reforms

The NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has announced funding reforms in response to the recommendations in the 2013 review by Professor Deborah Brennan of State funding for early childhood education. He has also announced fee reductions for preschool in 2013, and a capital works program.

Key findings

  • Approximately one in seven of the state's children was missing out on an early childhood education.
  • 30% of NSW Government preschool funding does not focus on the target group of four to five-year-old children
  • Many four and five-year-old children are not receiving an early childhood education program with a qualified early childhood teacher, even though they are attending an early childhood service, and
  • Current funding programs were poorly targeted and not directed at NSW strategic priorities for early childhood.

Fact sheets

In August 2011 the NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, established a review of state funding for early childhood education, chaired by Professor Deborah Brennan.



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