Schools embrace disability reform

7 May 2015

Education leaders from Australia and overseas meet in Sydney today to discuss how schools are complementing national disability reforms to ensure students with disability have the opportunity to reach their goals.

The NSW Department of Education has partnered with the Australian Council for Educational Leaders to present the Disability Reform Summit 2015, held at the SMC Conference and Function Centre today and tomorrow.

ACEL's Chief Executive Officer, Aasha Murthy, says the summit will give participants access to national and international experts in the best educational practices that ensure all students are integral members of the learning community.

"To lead exceptional practice, school leaders must recognise and promote quality in the learning experience, and measure and improve teachers' capabilities. It's everybody's business," said Ms Murthy.

"They need to build and sustain strong relationships between teachers, students, their families and school and external services.

"The keynote addresses, showcase and research sessions, and networking opportunities will be invaluable to the conference participants, who include education leaders from early childhood to tertiary education, families and carers, service providers, policy makers, consultants and representatives of philanthropic organisations.

"The conference will give a clear picture of how educational institutions are supporting current disability reforms, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and how they might complement the reforms in future."

"School education services for students with disability have grown significantly in the past four years. I am proud of what we have implemented in NSW for more than 90,000 students who need long term adjustments in their daily learning because of disability," Mr Piccoli said.

"The Every Student, Every School initiative, which builds the capacity of schools to better respond to the learning needs of students with disability, is supported by reforms to the authority of principals, school funding, teacher training and rural and remote education.

"It is therefore very fitting that the NSW Department of Education is a partner in this conference."


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