A talented female cricketer

Georgia Redmayne in the cricket nets.

Can a student successfully combine study for the HSC with playing sport at an elite level?

In Georgia Redmayne's case, the answer is a resounding yes.

The Alstonville High School student played cricket with Combined High Schools and also gained an ATAR score of 99.75.

With offers to study medicine at UNSW or Monash University, Georgia is taking a gap year to play cricket for Worcestershire County Cricket Club in England.

"Whilst I'm there in 2012 England has the Olympics and Wimbledon. How fantastic is that?" Georgia said.

Cricket convenor - NSW Combined High Schools, Damian Toohey described Georgia as a truly wonderful young person.

"She's broken just about every batting record we have in Combined High Schools (CHS) girls' cricket, won player of the carnival for the past two years and has captained our CHS Firsts," Mr Toohey said.

For Georgia, cricket ticked all the boxes in what she liked when playing sport: batting (for a long time if you were good), bowling, throwing, catching and diving.

"I liked the thinking and the strategy involved in the game as well and particularly the team involvement," she said. "My dad is a great local coach who always encouraged the girls to join in with the boys' teams."

Combining sport and study meant Georgia had to be organised, keeping up to date with work.

"It was essential to prioritise tasks - and plan ahead to incorporate carnivals or trips away," Georgia said.

"Teachers allowed me a lot of time away from school and provided work I'd missed and additional instruction if it was required [and] they were only an email away.

"My family constantly supported my sport and study ... helping keep any stress under control."

Retired school inspector and teacher Stan Gilchrist, one of Georgia's coaches and father of former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist, organised and sponsored Georgia's trip to England. As well as playing cricket, Georgia will also coach.

On her return she will start her studies in medicine.

"Since my childhood I have been fascinated with anatomy and how the body functions to combat disease from illness and injury.

"I'm particularly interested in sports medicine, and PDHPE in Year 12 made me aware of substantial health inequities in rural Australia, which I hope to address," Georgia said.

  Photo: Georgia Redmayne in the nets. Photo by Dr Richard Redmayne.


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