Raising university entry standards for future teachers

2 January 2015

NSW school leavers entering teaching degrees in 2016 will need to achieve three band five HSC results including in English, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said today.

Mr Piccoli said recent media reports of teachers failing basic literacy skills tests are concerning and the NSW Government has taken action to improve the quality of teaching graduates.1

"This year school leavers in NSW will need three band five HSC results, one of which must be in English, to be offered a place in a teaching degree in NSW," Mr Piccoli said.

"Year 12 students in NSW, who started their HSC assessments in Term 4 last year, are the first cohort who will need to meet stronger academic standards to enter a teaching degree. For 2015 university entrants, existing requirements will still apply.

"It is important that Year 12 students interested in starting a teaching degree in 2016 are aware of these changes.

"I encourage all Year 12 students to apply themselves to the best of their abilities throughout their final year of school and in the lead up to their HSC exams this year."

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Government is strengthening school leaver entry requirements to teaching degrees in NSW as part of the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms.

"From 2016, teacher education students in NSW will also need to pass literacy and numeracy tests before they start their final professional placement," Mr Piccoli said.

"NSW has also introduced a Professional Experience Framework to better coordinate and improve the quality of the ‘prac' teacher education students undertake in schools.

"We are increasing support for beginning teachers and requiring teachers returning to the profession to complete a refresher course.

"We have great teachers in NSW, who are in a unique position to make a real and positive difference to the education and lives of their students," Mr Piccoli said.

[1] Herald Sun, 1 January 2015, ‘Lament over standards as aspiring teachers flop literacy'


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