New $60 million high school for the inner city

16 February 2015

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today announced that a re-elected Baird Government will build a new inner city high school on the site of the Cleveland Street Intensive English High School to meet growing secondary enrolment demand.

"This state-of–the-art high school, worth more than $60 million, will incorporate the latest design features to help students prepare for the challenges of tomorrow," Mr Piccoli said.

"The project, which the Department of Education and Communities expects to open in 2020, will be made possible by Rebuilding NSW — our $20 billion plan to turbocharge the State through the delivery of key infrastructure.

"We have been working with world-leading educators, designers and architects to create the classrooms of the future.

"The redevelopment of the site will accommodate up to 1,500 secondary students."

New schools will also be built at:

  •  Parramatta — a $100 million investment in a new high school and public school; and
  •  Ballina — a new high school worth more than $40 million.

"Investing in education is vital for our children's future and the $1 billion investment from Rebuilding NSW to transform our schools over the next 10 years will give students every opportunity to succeed," Mr Piccoli said.

"This massive $1 billion investment will provide up to 1,600 new or refurbished classrooms and learning spaces throughout the State.

"This huge investment is on top of the Government's $2.7 billion investment into school facilities over the next four years."

Liberal candidate for Sydney, Patrice Pandeleos welcomed the investment in the inner city.

"Students at this new high school will be provided with more opportunities and a purpose-built environment to promote work on group and individual projects that require research, problem-solving and critical thinking," Ms Pandeleos said.

"Schools built for tomorrow need to provide our children with flexible and connected learning environments.

"The new school will include new general and specialist classrooms, a gymnasium, library and student facilities. The Department will work with City of Sydney to provide access to recreational space in Prince Alfred Park."

The site for the new school was selected following the Minister's decision to establish the Inner City Schools Working Party, which undertook extensive community consultation, to review public primary and secondary education in the inner Sydney area.

In late 2014 the Minister confirmed the site for the new Ultimo Public School on the corner of Wattle, Jones and Fig Streets, Ultimo, another recommendation of the Inner City Schools Working Party.

Planning will get underway soon with key stakeholders for the new high school and for the relocation of the existing Cleveland Street Intensive English High School to a suitable alternative location.

Since 2011 the NSW Government has committed $21.6 million to school infrastructure and maintenance in the Sydney electorate.

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