Latest NAPLAN results show NSW leading the way

14 September 2012

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the preliminary NAPLAN results for 2012 show NSW students are leading the way, with outstanding results across almost all indicators.

The Federal body ACARA has published the latest NAPLAN results on its website today.

The full results, which contain more comparative details, are scheduled for release in December.

Minister Piccoli paid tribute to NSW students and teachers in the government and non-government sectors for the outstanding results.

"NSW is ranked first in spelling at all year levels for mean scores and for percentages in the highest band, and first in numeracy at all year levels for percentages in the highest band.

"In terms of performance at the top level, NSW is ranked first in 12 of the 20 aspects tested across all year groups, second in seven aspects and third in the other aspect.

"NSW has maintained its number one ranking for participation rates for every test at every year level and improved or maintained its ranking in 19 of the 20 aspects tested in NAPLAN across all year levels," Mr Piccoli said.

"The best improvements in 2012 have been in years 3, 5 and 7 spelling and year 7 grammar and punctuation.

"The area where more improvement is needed is in years 3, 5 and 7 writing and year 7 numeracy and that's why over the next five years the Liberal & Nationals Government will deliver 900 more teachers across NSW to target literacy and numeracy.

"While we are not being complacent, these results are an outstanding endorsement of the achievements of our students and teachers and I offer them my congratulations," Mr Piccoli said.

Schools will write to parents next week to provide direct information on the progress of their children.


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