School safety

Non-operational schools

No schools are currently listed as non-operational.

Weather warnings

This section is updated by the department upon advice from the State Emergency Operations Centre. Please also refer to the Bureau of Meteorology site for up-to-date weather warnings.

Fire weather conditions in NSW
(Updated 16-02-2018)

A severe fire danger rating and total fire ban is in place for today, Friday 16 February 2018, for the following fire weather area: North Western region.

Schools in this area should stay well informed of any fire activity by monitoring local media and regularly checking for updates on the BOM website, or the NSWRFS information line on 1800 679 737.

Bush fire

Fire danger rating
Managing the risks of bush fire

The department has conducted assessments of all NSW Government schools and TAFE colleges and campuses in bush fire prone areas to determine the level of risk for bush fire. 

Department facilities located in bush fire prone areas plan and prepare for the bush fire season.  Our facilities monitor local conditions during the bush fire season, particularly when there is bush fire activity in the local area.

Facilities in bush fire prone areas at an increased risk

Department facilities that have been assessed at an increased risk are identified on a bush fire register. These facilities will have alternate arrangements in place if a catastrophic fire danger rating is issued for their location.  Information on alternate arrangements in the event of bush fire is available for parents and carers from your school, college or campus.

Please search for your school or site on the department's bush fire register below:


Search for a NSW public school or site by NSW fire area


Fires Near Me NSW

NSW Rural Fire Service mobile apps providing information on bush fire incidents.

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Emergency+ smartphone app

This app provides callers with guidance about when to call Triple Zero and information about who to call in various non-emergency situations.

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Contact details

Bushfire information line

Bushfire information line

You can also get information from your school, TAFE or Sport & Recreation facility, local radio, TV and newspapers or by contacting your local fire station.