Inner Sydney high school community consultation

Thank you for your interest and participation in this important consultation process. The community consultation is now closed. 

The external consultant Straight Talk has now finished analysing and editing all the gathered feedback.  

Issues summaries

The feedback is now presented as five issues summaries.


The inner Sydney area and its surrounds are experiencing urban renewal through the construction of new infill housing developments, the movement of families back into inner Sydney and increasing numbers of families remaining in the area.

As a consequence, the growth in the number of school-aged children living in inner Sydney is placing increasing pressure on public education services in the area. 

Inner City Schools Working Party

In late 2012 the establishment of the Inner City Schools Working Party was announced to assist the department in its ongoing review of public primary and secondary education in the inner Sydney area.  

In 2013 the first task of the working party was to consider the public education needs for growing numbers of primary-aged school students in the Ultimo/Pyrmont area.

After recommending the construction of a new, larger primary school in the area the working party had the task in 2014 of understanding and assessing the demand and options for addressing public secondary education in the inner Sydney area to inform public policy.

This area largely includes the local government areas of the City of Sydney, Leichhardt and Marrickville.

In making its recommendations to the government, the working party is considering a range of factors, including:

  • the outcomes of demographic projections
  • capacity analysis
  • educational need
  • finite resources and community expectations
  • the feedback from the community consultation. 

Consultation process

The consultation included:

  • 12 workshops - reaching 261 principals, teachers, P&Cs, parents with Aboriginal background, councils and the wider community.
  • 12 focus groups - reaching 97 primary and secondary students, primary and secondary CALD parents, 'future' secondary parents and 'unengaged' community members.
  • Numerous self-directed kitchen table discussions.
  • Visits by over 4,000 community users who have observed or participated in online discussions.

Where to from here?

The working party will deliver its recommendations to the government by the end of 2014.


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