Information access

We are committed to improving openness, transparency and ease of public access to department information.

The NSW Government has brought  together the NSW Department of Education and Training with Children's Services and Communities NSW to create the NSW Department of Education and Communities.  Our website is being constantly updated to reflect this change.

The enactment of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) is an opportunity to review and improve our procedures for ensuring that our information, policies, statistics and reports are readily available.

Education and training:

GIPA Act information about the former NSW Department of Education and Training and Children's Services can be found on this website.

Office of Communities divisions and agencies:

GIPA Act applications for the areas listed below should go to the Right to Information Officer at the Office of Communities.

  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Commission for Children and Young People
  • Corporate Services
  • Hunter Region Sporting Venues Authority
  • Illawarra Region Sporting Venues Authority
  • Office of the Children's Guardian
  • Parramatta Stadium Trust
  • Policy and Reform (including Youth, Volunteering and Veterans' Affairs)
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Information that is freely available from the Department of Education and Communities:

About the department
Department of Education and Communities organisational chart (PDF 0.22MB)


Plans and policies


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Contact details

General enquiries about the department:
Schools and Community Senior Information Officer
T 02 9561 8999

Enquiries about applications under the GIPA Act:
Information Access Unit
NSW Education and Communities
Level 7, 35 Bridge St
T 02 9561 8100
F 02 9561 1157