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The department values the learning of its staff and is committed to supporting your career-long professional development.

The research is clear. There is a strong link between the professional qualities of individual teachers and the learning outcomes of students. High standards of teaching and teacher professionalism are in the best interests of students, of public education and of the teaching profession.

Your learning and development will take place in different ways through a wide range of flexible learning options. These might include:

  • electronic learning
  • short courses
  • conference attendance
  • mentoring or coaching.

We refer to these opportunities through which we learn and develop as, professional learning. The department believes that:

  • all your professional learning should contribute, either directly or indirectly, to improved student learning outcomes
  • you have the right to be supported in your professional learning throughout your career, especially as it relates to the major strategic directions of the department
  • you have a professional responsibility to continue to learn
  • your professional learning is most effective when it is planned and linked to individual, team, workplace and/or organisational learning priorities
  • your prior learning and existing skills and knowledge should be recognised and valued; and
  • technology, open learning models and flexible learning will provide you with enhanced access to professional learning opportunities.

Much of your learning will occur in your workplace. Opportunities for your professional learning are provided by colleagues, by the department, by professional associations, by universities and TAFE NSW Institutes or by other external providers. 

You may be required to participate in some activities as a condition of your employment within the department especially in areas required by legislation such as child protection. Other professional activities, in which you engage, including professional reading, will be self-initiated as a demonstration of your commitment to the teaching profession.

BOSTES – continuing professional development

If you are teacher who has gained accreditation at Proficient Teacher Level, you are required to participate in continuing professional development to maintain your accreditation. For full time teachers this comprises a minimum of fifty hours each of BOSTES Registered and Teacher Identified Professional Development over a period of five years. For further information refer to the BOSTES website. The department's policy and procedures on mandatory accreditation at Proficient Teacher Level and maintenance of that accreditation describe the department's requirements. 

Performance and development

Performance and development processes are applicable to permanent, temporary and casual teachers, executives and principals working in NSW public schools.

All teachers have a right to be supported in their professional learning, as well as a responsibility to be involved in performance and development processes that facilitate their professional growth and the provision of quality teaching and learning, consistent with the department's policies, aims and strategic directions and school plan.

The overarching purpose of the performance and development process is to support the ongoing improvement of student outcomes through continuous development of a skilled, effective and professional teaching workforce.

A new Performance and Development Framework for Principals, Executives and Teachers has been introduced.

The new Framework and associated information, such as the Performance and Development Plan document and FAQs, may be found at the department's 
our reforms page.



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