Your first engagement as a casual teacher

There are a few important things you need to do on your first day of working as a casual teacher.

On your first day as a casual teacher, you will need to present the following documents to your school:

Please note that the Casual.Direct letter of engagement is not the same as an Approval to Teach. The Casual.Direct verification number is not a casual payroll number.

All completed forms should be scanned and forwarded by the school to for processing. 

The school will be notified of your casual payroll number within two working days of receipt of all required documents.

Submission of casual teacher pay claim

When notified of your casual payroll number, the school will submit your casual pay claim electronically for processing. Payment of your claim will then be forwarded to your nominated financial institution. Claims are generally paid on the Thursday following the close of the current pay fortnight.  Claims submitted after the close of the pay fortnight are generally paid up to a week later.

A printed copy of your submitted pay claim can be obtained from the school.

Advice of payment

Once a claim has been paid, a pay advice will be forwarded to your home address.  This advice will also include your six (6) digit casual payroll number.  This number should be included in any correspondence relating to your casual payment.

Changing of personal details

Updated Approval to Teach

If you have been previously granted a conditional approval to teach for a limited period of time and have since received an updated approval to teach, the new approval should be forwarded to the Casual Payroll Team for update on the payroll as soon as possible. Delays in updating expired approvals in the casual employee payroll system (CEPS) may result in delays in processing claims for payment.

Extended Approval to Teach whilst on Leave Without Pay

If you have extended your leave without pay from a permanent teaching position and have received an updated approval to teach casually, the new approval should be forwarded to the Casual Payroll Team for update on the payroll as soon as possible. Delays in updating expired approvals in the casual employees payroll system (CEPS) may result in delays in processing claims for payment.

Changing Account Details

If you wish to change your bank account details, you will need to complete a new Direct Deposit Account Details form and forward it to your allocated Employee Service Centre

It is advisable not to close your old account until two (2) fortnights' salaries have been deposited into the new account.


Tax is deducted automatically by the system in accordance with a formula provided by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  The first payment made for a specific fortnight is treated as the only payment in that fortnight and is taxed accordingly as per the ATO guidelines.  Tax deductions for subsequent claims for a fortnight that has already had claims paid will be calculated as follows:

Tax on total gross payment for fortnight less tax deducted on payment already made for that fortnight.

It is a requirement that all employees provide their employer with their tax file number. This is done by completing a 'Tax File Number Declaration' form. This form is obtainable from most newsagencies or any branch of the Australian Taxation Office.  If you do not provide your tax file number, tax will be deducted at the highest rate.

All taxpayers are entitled to a general exemption from tax which takes the form of freedom from tax on the first part of their taxable income. The benefit of this exemption can be obtained by way of reduced tax deductions.  This benefit is claimed by completion of the 'Employment Declaration' referred to above. If you have two employers please note that the general exemption may only be claimed from your principal employer.  If you do not claim the general exemption, full tax rates will be charged on your gross pay.

The Medicare levy is incorporated in the tax deducted from your pay each fortnight.

Superannuation Information

As required by the Superannuation Guarantee Act the Department contributes an amount equal to nine per cent of your superable salary to your superannuation.

Information about salary sacrificing superannuation can be found here.


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Pay enquiries

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Most enquiries about pay and leave can be answered using ESS which is easily accessed via the staff portal (requires login).


For other enquiries about your pay and leave, conact EDConnect.

Tel: 1300 32 32 32