Benefits and incentives

Our teachers enjoy an enviable work/life balance and attractive working conditions.

Many teachers chose their career path for the satisfaction and reward of influencing young lives, and making a difference to the future. Teaching offers other tangible benefits as well.

Flexible work conditions


Teachers are able to balance their work commitments with their personal life. School hours are very family friendly, and many teachers choose to work in permanent part time, casual or temporary positions for increased flexibility.

Through our Deferred Salary Scheme, you can choose to put aside part of your salary to fund a year off, allowing you to pursue other endeavours such as continuing professional development, postgraduate study, industry experience, or simply leisure.

Attractive salary

Beginning teachers in NSW public schools enjoy one of the highest commencing salaries of any profession. In 2013, four-year trained teachers start on a salary of $59,706. Salary increases are by annual increments subject to satisfactory performance, with our most experienced classroom teachers earning $89,050 in 2013.

Of course, our school leadership positions earn higher salaries, reflecting increased levels of responsibility. For example, our assistant principals and head teachers earn a base salary of $102,482 and primary and secondary deputy principals earn $119,654. A principal of a large high school earns up to $153,050. Read more about our teachers' salaries and allowances.

Depending on their employment status, NSW public school teachers may also take advantage of our salary packaging scheme which allows them to tailor their salary arrangements to increase the value of their take-home pay through a wide range of benefits including motor vehicles, computers, mobile phones and superannuation payments.

Generous holiday and leave conditions

Teachers enjoy highly attractive holiday and leave conditions. In addition to four weeks annual leave, there is no requirement for teachers to attend school during student vacation periods. Additional leave entitlements include leave without pay, parental leave, long service leave (after seven years service), carers leave and study leave, to name a few. Read more about our teachers' leave.

Additional benefits, incentives and rewards

We offer a range of attractive incentives for teachers in our most remote country schools, as a way of fulfilling continuing high staffing demand in these areas.

These may include generous locality allowances such as rental subsidies and vacation travel expenses; eligibility for priority transfer to a school in a location of choice after a specified period of employment; and, in some western NSW schools, an extra week of summer vacation. The teach.NSW benefits calculator has a complete listing of benefits and allowances applicable to each NSW public school.


A teaching career also offers a unique and highly prized benefit: the opportunity to teach a subject or skill you know and love.



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