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Are you in your final year of teacher education studies in a NSW or ACT tertiary institution, at La Trobe University, Wodonga campus or at Griffith University?

If you are, now's the time to decide what you'll do when you graduate, and how and where you'll launch your teaching career.

This is the time to check out your options. If you want to become a teacher in NSW public schools, you should apply for the NSW Department of Education and Communities' Graduate Recruitment Program (GRP) at any time during your final two semesters of study.

The GRP facilitates the recruitment of teacher education graduates for casual, temporary and permanent employment in NSW public schools. You are eligible to apply for the GRP if you:

  • have Australian citizenship or permanent residency*
  • are currently enrolled in an accredited initial teacher education program through a university in NSW or ACT, through La Trobe University (Wodonga Campus) or Griffith University
  • are a full-time or part-time student in your last two semesters of study.

Aboriginal teaching graduates are encouraged to apply through this program.

The program offers graduating teachers a number of benefits

As a GRP applicant, you can apply for our advertised teaching positions.

If eligible, you can receive an interim approval to teach allowing you to work as a casual or temporary teacher in NSW public schools while finalising your studies.

When your application is finalised, you will also be included in our statewide database of teachers seeking permanent teaching positions. This database is used to fill many of our vacancies through a matching process.

Learn more about the GRP

Each year teach.NSW presents an information session in participating universities during which final year students are provided with an information package and invited to apply for employment in NSW public schools. Students who are unable to attend an information session can obtain all relevant information through this site.

If you are a teacher education student in your final two semesters of study, you should register online by creating an application. Once you have registered, you will receive regular updates and important information about the GRP.

It's time to make your move! Get started now by reading through the GRP website to find out what to do.

Hear from some principals about their experiences in recruiting some outstanding graduate teachers through the Graduate Pool and hear from the graduates about their experiences.  

Watch the video on YouTube

*International students can apply for casual teaching approval in accordance with their work rights under their visa.


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