Aboriginal education officers

Aboriginal education officers (AEOs) work in schools where significant numbers of Aboriginal students are enrolled.

They work closely with teachers to develop culturally appropriate resources and programs.

They promote Aboriginal education, encourage students and support parents.

AEOs work with teachers to assist Aboriginal students achieve their potential and keep the Aboriginal community informed of students' progress and achievements, and of things like parent meetings, school activities, new programs and other changes.

AEOs provide role models for Aboriginal students and have a positive impact on helping them achieve their potential.

How are jobs filled?

Many of these jobs are advertised on our job search site. Our schools welcome your application. Use our school locator to find a school that may suit you and either contact them directly to enquire about vacancies or check on advertised permanent and temporary vacancies on jobs.nsw.

Permanent Aboriginal education officers may be eligible to apply for a transfer. If an AEO matches for a transfer to a vacant AEO position at another school, the principal of that school will form a selection panel (with four persons) and arrange an interview for the AEO who has matched for the vacant position. The purpose of the interview is to assess the transfer applicant's suitability for the position in relation to meeting the needs of the local Aboriginal community.

Information about how the jobs are filled, including application forms to use when you are applying for advertised AEO positions and transfer application forms for AEOs wishing to transfer to different positions are included in the Procedures for the Employment and Transfer of Aboriginal Education Officers - Information for Applicants (PDF 0.09MB).  


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