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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All permanent school positions advertised externally are posted on the jobs.nsw job board ( where all job opportunities available across the entire NSW Government sector are placed. 

As an applicant, if you wish to specifically limit your search to jobs in the Department of Education, please use the search capabilities within jobs.nsw to refine your search for jobs of interest to you. 

The ‘Search Guide' provides you with a simple step-by-step process to refine your job search using the available selection criteria. If you use the links provided below the job search will already be refined for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  All applications must be made online through jobs.nsw. Those applying for school positions must submit their application by 4.00pm EST on the closing date.

Information to assist applicants

Previous page limits for teacher, executive and principal applications no longer apply. However, applicants need to ensure they address the selection criteria in a concise and relevant manner. The links below provide guides on how to submit an application for advertised school positions on jobs.nsw.



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