Local Schools, Local Decisions

Local Schools, Local Decisions is an education reform that gives NSW public schools more authority to make local decisions about how best to meet the needs of their students. This means giving schools greater freedom to make decisions about how to use the money we spend on public education.

The Local Schools, Local Decisions Report card provides a comprehensive update of the progress that has been made against each of the proposed reform outcomes announced in 2012.

Reform agenda

The reforms are currently being implemented across five key areas. Read about the reform areas, timelines and stakeholder consultation reports.

Fact Sheets and Reform Agenda Overview

fact sheets (pdf 881 KB) show the intended future state of the five reform areas compared to when the reform was announced. The reform agenda overview (pdf 313 KB) provides principals, school staff and the community with an up-to-date summary of the Local Schools, Local Decisions education reform.

Resource allocation model

Schools have more flexibility to respond to local student needs through the allocation of staff and resources. They will manage a single budget and be funded directly through a new resource allocation model (RAM)


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