Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2017-20

The NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2017-2020 is a plan to ensure NSW students have the essential literacy and numeracy skills they need for success in learning and in life. Literacy and numeracy skills will be described clearly, taught explicitly, assessed meaningfully and reported regularly in all schools across NSW.

The strategy builds on the 2012-2016 State Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan, committing an additional $340 million over the next four years to maintain our focus on early intervention. It also commits NSW schools to a relentless focus on explicit teaching and high expectations for all students across all sectors, by extending our literacy and numeracy focus up into secondary schools.

Based on the best evidence available, our priorities over the next four years will be:

  • a continued focus on intervention in the early years of schooling
  • clear guidance on explicit teaching and better, faster diagnostic assessments
  • more support for literacy and numeracy in secondary schools
  • quality training for teacher education students in literacy and numeracy
  • rigorous evaluation to focus investment and effort on what works.


The Premier Mike Baird and the Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced the strategy in a media release on 21 September 2016.


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