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Connected Communities is a new approach to address the educational and social aspirations of Aboriginal children and young people living in a number of complex and diverse communities in NSW.

The strategy positions schools as community hubs that will deliver a range of services from birth, through school, to further training and employment.
Connected Communities schools work in partnership with Aboriginal leaders in the local community to help improve education outcomes for young Aboriginal people.
The strategy has been informed by advice from the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), and a broad consultation process with key stakeholders, underpinned by progressive educational research that highlights the value of place-based approaches to education.

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Do you have what it takes to be an Executive Principal at Walgett Community College?

The Executive Principal position at Walgett Community College provides an exciting, career-defining opportunity for the right candidate who is willing to lead, commit and relate.
It comes with the opportunity to be inspiring and innovative, engage with the local community and connect with interagencies while making a meaningful contribution to the education and wellbeing of students.

Walgett Community College is a Connected Communities school, situated in north-west NSW. The school has two campuses: a primary school campus and a high school campus. The student enrolment is currently 217, 95% of whom identify as Aboriginal. The Executive Principal is the principal of both campuses and the successful applicant will be based at the secondary campus in Arthur Street.

The college's facilities include a trade training centre that offers hospitality, metal and engineering and construction courses. The college plays a significant role in the local community and is supported by an active Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and local School Reference Group.

Apply by 16 January 2015 via the jobs.nsw website.

For more information about Walgett Community College, visit the college's website, the website and the Walgett Shire Council website.

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