Staff and providers of education and care services can find more information on the qualifications that are needed for some positions in those services.

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We are currently updating information on this page to reflect the commencement of the National Quality Framework. Please keep an eye on the page for updates, and see our qualifications and ratios page for more information.

Do I need to be qualified to work in an education and care service?

Many people work in services without holding a formal qualification.

However, qualifications are required for the positions of:

  • authorised supervisor
  • teaching staff member (also called early childhood teacher)
  • primary contact staff member for children under two years

See the current list of qualifications that have been assessed as meeting the requirements of the Children's Services Regulation 2004 for these positions.

The list is developed from inputs provided by universities and the Vocational Education and Training sector. You can contact the Executive Officer – Qualifications to check your qualifications.

Applying for a supervisor certificate approval

If you would like to apply to be a certified supervisor, see our forms page.

Cook's qualifications

The Regulation specifies a qualification for cooks (pdf 134 KB) if meals are prepared and provided to children on the premises of an education and care service.

Qualifications assessment

1 January 2012 was the starting date for a new national scheme for the regulation of most children's education and care services, called the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Under the NQF this department has no power to assess qualifications for working in the types of services covered by the scheme. These assessments are now done by a new organisation – the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

This Department can now only assess qualifications for working in mobile services and centre based occasional care services – service types not covered by the NQF.

If you have already lodged an assessment application:

You will shortly be receiving a letter from us about the effect of these changes on your application. For information about your application in the meantime please call us on 1800 619 113.

If you want to apply for assessment of a qualification for working in a service covered by the NQF:

You will need to contact ACECQA. Its website has details on how to apply, including the application form and guidelines.  You can also contact ACECQA on enquiries@acecqa.gov.au.

More information

If you have enquiries about applying for qualifications assessment for the types of services covered by the NQF, please contact ACECQA directly on  enquiries@acecqa.gov.au or 1800 181 088.

If you have enquiries about applying for qualifications assessment for non-NQF service types (mobile services and centre based occasional care services), you can contact us by telephoning 1800 619 113  or email to ececd@det.nsw.edu.au.


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Other qualifications

A cook with children

First aid qualifications

In a centre-based education and care service, there must be at least one primary contact staff member who has a first aid qualification on the premises at all times that children are on the premises.

All family day care carers and home-based carers must hold an approved first aid qualification. See approved first aid qualifications.

Child protection training

From 1 January 2012, all nominated supervisors and any certified supervisor (person with a supervisor certificate) who is placed in day to day charge of an education and care service in NSW must have completed an approved course in child protection. See more information.