NSW has a vibrant and diverse early childhood sector and offers a range of interesting career opportunities. 

Child and staff member interacting

Employment opportunities in early childhood services

See Working in Early Childhood Education for information  about the benefits of working in early childhood, as told by those working in the field, and for sector contacts that can assist with information about seeking employment in an early childhood service.

Primary contact staff members

Staff who work with children in Stated Regulated Services such as occasional care, mobile services and home based care, are referred to as primary contact staff members in the Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2012.  Every primary staff member must be at least 18 years of age and be a fit and proper person.

Not all primary contact staff members need to have a qualification in State Regulated occasional care or mobile services.  The number of primary contact staff members that do require a qualification will differ depending on the type of service and the number of children in attendance.  For more information on qualification requirements for primary contact staff members see section 51 here.

Occasional care and mobile services must have at least one primary contact staff member on the premises with an approved first aid qualification, approved current anaphylaxis and asthma management training at the service at all times whilst children are in attendance.  Home based service providers must also hold first aid qualifications, approved current anaphylaxis and asthma management training.  

All supervisors of occasional care and mobile services are also required to have an approved child protection qualification.

National Quality Framework

On 1 January 2012 most education and care services for children became regulated by the National Quality Framework (NQF). Under the NQF, there are new requirements about qualified staff. These are:

Type of service Qualification Starting date

Centre based service

At least 50% of the educators required to meet ratio requirements must have or be working towards at least an approved Diploma level qualification.


All other educators who are required to meet ratio requirements must have or be working towards at least a Certificate III level qualification.
1 January 2014

Family day care service

Educators must have or be working towards at least a Certificate III level qualification.

Family day care coordinators must have at least an approved Diploma level education and care qualification.
1 January 2014

There are a number of New South Wales and Commonwealth government initiatives to help workers in early childhood education and care services to get the qualifications they need. Find more information on the early childhood education and care training strategy.

First aid qualifications

Under the NQF, at least one of the educators in attendance at a centre-based service, and all family day care educators, must have an approved first aid qualification and, from 2013, have been trained in asthma and anaphylaxis management.


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Mandatory reporting

People working in education and care services have a legal obligation to report suspected child abuse or risk of harm. Find out more about mandatory reporting.