Education and care services - application and notification forms

Education and care services, their providers and supervisors need approvals from the department. Certain notices have to be lodged with the department as well. You can find application and notification forms and links to the secure portal here.

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The forms you will need to use depends on whether your service or the service you work in is covered by the National Quality Framework (NQF) or not, which came into effect on 1 January 2012. See below for details on forms for services covered by the NQF.

Applications for provider and service approvals

As the NSW Regulatory Authority within the National Quality Framework (NQF), the department is responsible for reviewing and approving entities seeking to own and/or operate early childhood education and care services in NSW. 

Assessment procedures are in place to ensure all approved providers and services understand their responsibilities under both the National Law and National Regulations and the Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Act 2011 and Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2012, to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of children.

To become an approved provider or operate a service in NSW, applicants must attend an information session and demonstrate the requisite level of knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities under the NQF during a scenario based assessment.

Applicants may also be asked to attend an interview with the department, and to provide evidence of recent child protection training.

Applicants for service and provider approvals and applicants wishing to transfer existing services are assessed in this way.

Information sessions are delivered in collaboration with the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, NSW Ombudsman, Office of Children's Guardian  and peak early childhood education organisations including Community Early Learning Australia, NSW Family Day Care Association, and Network of Community Activities.

Information for Applicants

The scenario based assessments require you to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding of your responsibilities under the National Quality Framework.  You will be presented with two written scenarios from early childhood education about provider responsibilities under national law during an open book exam.

Applications for provider and service approval including transfers of existing services are progressed only after you have attended an information session and demonstrated sufficient knowledge of the National Law and National Regulations by completing a scenario based assessment. The statutory timeframes as outlined in the National Law and National Regulation do not apply until the outcome of the written assessment has been determined and the application has been validated.

Application will be refused if the requisite level of understanding of the National Law and Regulations has not been demonstrated.

You will be advised of your assessment results. If you have not demonstrated the requisite level of  understanding of the National Law and Regulations your application may be refused and you may be offered another opportunity to complete a scenario based assessment.

Once invited to attend an information session and scenario based assessment you must confirm your attendance by the due date or you will risk having your application or notification invalidated and closed.

For more information, call the Information and Enquiries Team on 1800 619 113

Services covered by the National Quality Framework

Service types covered by the NQF are:

  • long day care
  • family day care
  • preschools
  • outside school hours care.

All NSW services covered by the NQF should now be registered and using the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQAITS) secure portal. Paperwork is no longer accepted. Use of the portal ensures that your applications and other transactions are tracked and appropriate action taken.

For assistance in using the portal (including training videos), please visit

You can also phone us for assistance on 1800 619 113.

Services not covered by the National Quality Framework

Service types not covered by the NQF are:

  • home-based services
  • mobile services
  • occasional care services
  • ‘budget based funded' services*.

*A service that receives financial assistance under the Commonwealth's Budget Based Funding Program element of the Child Care Services Support Program but does not receive the Child Care Benefit.

The list of forms to be used for these service types appear below.

New service approvals

Centre-based (occasional care)

Application for service approval



Application for service approval

Venue information for mobile early childhood education and car service

Statement of mobile venue non-compliance and venue management plan



Application to provide a home based service

Home-based service inspection check list


Approval for child-minding in a retail shopping centre 

Application for child-minding service

Statement of compliance with Part 4 of Schedule A

Statement of undertakings - Schedule 1A standards for child minding services


New provider licence approval 

Application for provider approval - individual

Application for provider approval- organisation

Application for amendment of provider approval


Supervisor certificate approval

Application for supervisor certificate

Application for amendment of supervisor certificate


Notices for providers 

Notice of change to approved provider

Application for Voluntary suspension of provider approval


Notices for certified supervisors

Notice of appointment of nominated supervisor


Notices for service approvals

Notification of change to information about an approved service

Notification of intended transfer of service

Notification of transfer of service approval

Notification change to information about an approved service

Notification of change to nominated supervisor


Other notices 

Notification of complaint about an approved service

Response to a complaint about an approved service

Notification of death of child at service

Notification of serious accident at service

Declaration of fitness & propriety


Applications for variation 

Application for amendment of service approval


Other applications 

Notification of surrender of provider approval

Notification of surrender of service

Notification of surrender of supervisor certificate

Application for voluntary suspension of provider approval

Application for voluntary suspension of service approval

Application for emergency placement

Application for review

Application for voluntary suspension of supervisor certificate




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If you are still unclear about which forms or system to use, contact the Information and Enquiries team on 1800 619 113 or email