Assessment and rating

National Quality Framework 

The National Quality Framework aims to raise the quality and drive continuous improvement in education and care services. The Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate is responsible for assessing and rating the quality of children's education and care services in NSW covered by the Education and Care Services National Law.

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. It also provides services and families with a better understanding of what makes up a quality service. This enables families to make informed decisions about the services providing education and care to their children.

Assessment and rating

Assessment and ratings are undertaken by authorised officers from the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate. To determine a services rating, officers conduct a service visit to observe practices and take into consideration each service's previous rating, compliance history and Quality Improvement Plan. 

Graphical representation of assessment and rating

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

The National Law requires education and care services to prepare a Quality Improvement Plan and keep it up-to-date.  Quality improvement plans must include a service philosophy, a self-assessment component and a plan for improvement. Officers are required to consider a service's quality improvement plan when assessing and rating a service. 

The Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate has developed a Quality Improvement Plan template that can assist services with preparing a Quality Improvement Plan. The template adopts a workbook approach that steps services through the requirements for a quality improvement plan under the National Law.

You can obtain a copy of the Quality Improvement Plan Template here.

The Quality Improvement Process


Can I use an alternative quality improvement plan template?

Yes. Although, when selecting a quality improvement plan template or format please keep in mind the requirements of the relevant law and regulations.

Remember the regulations require that your current Quality Improvement Plan be:

  • Regularly reviewed, at least annually 

  • Kept on the service premises or, in the case of a family day care service, at the principal office of the family day care service

  • Shared with the families of children enrolled at the service and families seeking to enroll at the service, if requested by them

  • Available to be viewed by an authorised officer or the regulatory authority at their request

Further information

The ACECQA website ( provides extensive information and assessment and rating resources for services about the National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standard.

You may also contact the Professional Support Coordinator for services in your state or territory, who can provide a number of resources and support for services.


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Other Resources

Information about the National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standard is available at the ACECQA Website.