Bi-annual preschool census

All Government funded community preschools are required to participate in the bi-annual Early Childhood Education (ECE) preschool Census each year as part of their ECE Funding Agreement.

The Census takes place twice a year in March and August, with the data collection being managed by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) and the Early Childhood Education Directorate (ECED).

The Early Childhood Contract Management System (ECCMS) has been enhanced to collect data for every enrolled child at community preschools. As part of the August Census Government funded community preschools will also be asked to provide information regarding the individual sessions that the preschool runs and the number of children enrolled in these.

Preschools have the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure that the data provided is accurate and submitted by the Census deadline indicated in the Key Dates box on the right hand side of this page.

  • All preschools will be required to have a valid and working AUSkey to complete the Census in ECCMS. Service providers are asked to ensure they have access to ECCMS prior to the representative fortnight.

Support Documentation

Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide (pdf 262 KB) for online guidance on completing the August 2016 Bi-annual census.


The online portal for the Early Childhood Education Preschool Census has now closed. The submitted census data will now be checked and DoE may need to contact you to confirm or correct aspects of the data you have submitted.

Thank you to all of the Service Providers that have provided the required data, this process greatly assists us in determining the funding allocations and planning of services.

All ECE funded community preschools are required to participate as part of the Funding Agreement. If you are a funded community preschool and are yet to submit your Census data please contact the data collection helpline immediately on  1300 951 381 or  

Contact Details

If you experience any data entry problems or have a general inquiry on completing the census, please contact the data collection helpline on 1300 951 381 between 9 am and 5 pm, or email the Department's Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation at

For funding or AUSkey-related enquiries, please contact the Early Childhood Education, Information and Enquiries Team on 1300 755 426 or




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Key Dates

The representative fortnight for the August 2016 Bi-Annual Census is:

1 August to 12 August 2016 (inclusive)

The Early Childhood Contract Management System (ECCMS) functions for Census data entry will be available from:

18 July 2016 to the 28 August 2016

Support documentation