Other ECE Grants

The department funds early childhood education in NSW through a series of grants programs.

There are a number of early childhood grants programs in place. Some of these support the direct delivery of early childhood education services by not-for-profit providers. Others fund specific early childhood projects, assistance for children with special needs and early childhood sector development

Capital Works Grants

Expressions of Interest for Capital Works Grants have now closed.

On 20 November 2015 the Minister for Early Childhood Education announced funding of $8 million over four years to create up to 500 new preschool places through a Capital Works Grants program.

The Capital Works Grants program will provide grants funding for not-for-profit, community based preschool providers proposing to increase the number of 600 hour preschool places available in areas where there is a demonstrated shortage.

Funding will be provided for:

  • building new preschool services

  • expanding an existing centre-based service

  • purchasing a new motor vehicle for an existing mobile preschool service

  • other capital works delivering innovative solutions to increase the number of preschool places in areas of high need.

To be eligible for funding under this grants program, applicants must:

  • Hold a valid Provider Approval to operate an early childhood education and care service in NSW.

  • Be registered or incorporated in NSW as a not-for-profit organisation* or association with appropriate governance mechanisms and sound financial management.

  • Operate, or intend to operate, a mobile or centre based community preschool service with a valid service approval.

  • Comply with the requirements of the applicable national law and regulations for the service type being operated.

  • Mobile service providers applying for funding under this program must operate an approved mobile preschool as defined by the Department.

Community preschools in all areas of NSW were invited to complete and submit an Expression of Interest by 5pm on Tuesday 24 May 2016. However only those services where it could be demonstrated that there is significant demand for preschool places for children in the year before full-time school; or children aged three and above from Aboriginal and low-income families will be invited to apply for funding under this program.

* in the case of local councils, it is the preschool service that must be not-for-profit (that is, the preschool must be operated on a cost recovery basis).

For more information contact Information and Enquiries on: 1300 755 426 or email to: ecec.funding@det.nsw.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Capital Works Grants Initiative

Community Preschool Outreach Grants

The Community Preschool Outreach Grants are aimed at improving the number of 4 and 5 year old children enrolled in quality preschool programs for 600 hours, with a focus on Aboriginal and low income families.

Grants of up to $15,000 per service were available to community preschools for projects intended to increase access and participation of children in their local community.

Community preschools in inner regional, outer regional, remote and very remote areas were eligible to apply for funding under this grants program.

Applications for the Community Preschool Outreach grant are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Preschool Outreach Grants initiative


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Grants program contacts

For more information on the Grants programs, please contact:

Early Childhood Education  Directorate Funding Team at: ecec.funding@det.nsw.edu.au or phone 1300 755 426