Preschool Disability Support Program

The Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP) supports the inclusion of children with disability in NSW community preschools.

This new program has been developed following recommendations by the Review of NSW Government Funding for Early Childhood Education by Professor Deborah Brennan. The PDSP replaces the Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN) program and Intervention Support Program (ISP)  for community preschools.

The PDSP is made up of four components:

1. Community Preschools apply for funds on behalf of children

Funding is based on applications from preschools for individual children for up to 600 hours per year, based on three daily rates:

Level 3: $120 per day  for children that require intensive support to participate in preschool.

Level 2: $90 per day  for children that  require considerable assistance to participate in preschool.

Level 1: $45 per day  for children that require moderate help to participate in preschool.

2. New universal disability loading

New funding for all preschools based on the total number of children included in the Preschool Funding Model.

Metropolitan preschools will receive $60 per eligible child per annum, and rural or remote preschools will receive $75 per eligible child per annum. Preschools will not have to apply for this loading.

3. Program Manager

The Department of Education has appointed Northcott as the PDSP program manager. Northcott will administer the program on behalf of the Department.

4. Scholarship program

The scholarship program (which is managed by Northcott) provides funding to support preschool teachers to complete post-graduate study to assist children with additional needs. Up to 20 scholarships are available each year and will cover the full cost of an appropriate Graduate Certificate or Master's program.



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More information from Northcott

The program manager, Northcott, has a PDSP page on its website:


You can also contact Northcott by phone on 1800 455 522 or by email on