Community Preschool Funding

The Preschool Funding Model strengthens the commitment for universal access to quality early childhood education programs in NSW.

From 2016 an increase in funding will support an even greater focus on improved participation of children from low income and Aboriginal families, and encourages enrolment of 4 and 5 year old children in preschool programs for 600 hours per year (15 hours per week) in a way that meets the needs of parents and ensures that cost or location are not barriers to participation.

From 2016 the Government will introduce new initiatives which will increase funding and support for community preschools, including:

  • a new Preschools for Sustainable Communities program

  • a new Community Preschool 600 Hours Incentive to encourage increase in 600 hours enrolment

  • an increase in Preschool Funding Model base funding and loadings

  • a new Local Partnerships to Enhance Preschool Participation by Aboriginal and Low Income Families

  • an enhanced Community Outreach Grants

  • a new Capital Works Grants

Preschool providers can read more about the Preschool Funding Model and how it works here

The Preschool Funding Model one year on

2015 marks a year since the Preschool Funding Model (PFM) was introduced as a key plank in a series of reforms designed to achieve universal access to quality early childhood education.

The PFM One Year On report highlights the positive impact of the new funding model including the demonstrated improvements in universal access to early childhood education in NSW, and how the community preschool sector and services are implementing the model.


Community preschools will continue to set their fees under the Preschool Funding Model. Families should speak with their local preschool about their planned fees following the changes.

Families can read more about the Preschool Funding Model here 

The Review

The changes stem from Professor Deborah Brennan's review of NSW Government funding for early childhood education, which was released in March 2013.

It recommended significant reforms to better support the national and State Plan targets of ensuring that all children have access to early childhood education in their year before school.

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