Preschool Grants Program (PFM)

From January 2017 under the Start Strong program, community preschools across the state who enrol children for at least 600 hours in the year before school will receive increased subsidies from the NSW Government.

These rate increases are in addition to the NSW Government's $150 million Preschool Funding Model introduced in 2014, which supports the important role community preschools play in supporting children's learning and development in the year before school.

For more information go to Start Strong

The Preschool Grants Program (PFM)

Under the Preschool Grants Program funding is based on enrolments and is calculated under the Preschool Funding Model (PFM) which provides per child base rates using the SEIFA index of relative disadvantage weighted to families with preschool age children.

Further information

Preschool providers can read more about the Preschool Funding Model and how it works here

Families can read more about the Preschool Funding Model here 

PFM One Year On report

Professor Deborah Brennan's review of NSW Government funding for early childhood education, which was released in March 2013.

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