Service types for your child

The department regulates and funds education and care services. Parents can find information on the types of services available for children, and can search for services.

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Types of services

Finding a service

Financial support available

Regulation of education and care services, including details on enforcement actions taken against service providers

If you would like to make a complaint, or have a query about a service, please contact the service directly in the first instance.

In the second instance:

  • If the complaint is about service fees or business practices, contact the Department of Fair Trading
  • If the complaint is about licensing or compliance contact the Information and Enquiries team on:

Ph: 1800 619 113
Fax: 02 8633 1810

For more details see our contacts page.


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Approved services

Parents can find information about whether providers, services and supervisors covered by the National Quality Framework (NQF) are approved on a public register.

The out of scope public services register (XLSX, 61KB) provides information on whether services not covered by the NQF are approved. These services are home based, mobile and occasional care services and are collectively referred to as 'state regulated education and care services'.