Music conservatorium grants

Music conservatoriums offer a range of music-educational activities for students and community members.

Programs include instrumental and vocal tuition, musicianship and theory, special needs tuition, performing ensembles, performances for the community, professional development for teachers and performers, schools programs, music technology and early childhood music.

The department's Regional Conservatorium Grants Program provides annual grant funding to autonomous conservatoriums in non-metropolitan NSW. Regional conservatoriums are independent, not-for-profit community organisations.

The Non-Tertiary Music Education Program supports eligible organisations to provide a comprehensive range of quality educational opportunities and performance activities in non-tertiary music.

Use the links below to learn more about regional conservatoriums of music and the Non-Tertiary Music Education Program:

Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums

Regional conservatoriums of music

Non-Tertiary Music Education Programs

The Conservatorium High School, established in 1918 as the secondary arm of the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, is the department's only specialist music high school. Its comprehensive music program is supported from the state Non-Tertiary Music Grant. 

The conservatoriums in the University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney provide well developed community and outreach programs in music education, in addition to the universities' tertiary programs.


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