Prepare teaching materials

Syllabuses are available at no cost through the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards.

These include languages syllabuses for Kindergarten to Year 12 students. Support materials are also provided to help teachers understand the syllabuses. Community languages schools use these syllabuses as the basis for their courses.

Learning and Teaching Directorate
The Learning and Teaching Directorate supports teachers of all languages in NSW schools, including community languages and languages for second language learners. Teaching resources can be found on the following websites.

NSW Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLe)
TaLEe is an online resource for teachers. Resources for teachers and students are available at the website.

Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards

K-10 languages syllabuses
11-12 languages syllabuses

Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre
The Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre provides a range of resources to community languages schools including teaching and learning materials and multimedia classroom resources.

You will be given the necessary membership forms and once you have joined the library, you may borrow language resources online and use a reply paid envelope to return the resources.

Borrow materials from the Community Languages Schools Program
Teaching resources are also available through the program for loan to community languages schools on a short-term basis. Please contact your nearest program education officer to see what is available.

Design your own syllabus
If there is no syllabus available in your language, our program education officers can help you design a course.

We also regularly run workshops and other activities to help schools create quality teaching materials and share ideas. Contact our program education officers.

You might also consider using teaching materials provided by your country of origin's education department to supplement your materials.


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