Get advice

The NSW Community Languages Schools Program also supports organisations which can support you.

The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, the Hunter Parents and Teachers Association of Community Language Schools and the Association of Illawarra Community Language Schools can help your community language school.

Each organisation employs an education officer who can offer you a range of education and training activities and can come to your community language school to present and share information. As highly experienced language educators, they have extensive knowledge to share with you.

Contact details for the education officer in your area:

Sydney and South Western Sydney
Alex Di Prinzio
9558 6134/0423 871 110

Hunter and Central Coast, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney
Heidi Lindgren
4962 5087

Illawarra and South East, and South Western Sydney
Sabine Hauth
4276 4774/0409 719 658

Getting advice

A program education officer can give you free advice on:

  • setting up a school
  • developing quality teaching materials
  • courses and workshops for your teachers
  • applying for a grant.


Program education officers offer training on many topics including:

  • classroom management
  • improving spoken language
  • lesson planning
  • using language syllabuses
  • designing a unit of work
  • assessment and reporting
  • scope, sequence and programming
  • developing relationships with your host school
  • teaching mixed ages and abilities
  • improving students' reading and writing
  • text types.

More topics can be organised to suit your community language school's needs. Program education officers can arrange a place to meet or they can come to your school. Education officers can help you use technology for language teaching.

Please contact the program education officer for your region if you would like to organise professional learning activities for your teachers.


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