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Good teachers help children achieve their best and help create an active, learning atmosphere that benefits students, parents and the wider community.

Recommended accreditations

A successful community language school should aim to have teachers who are trained to teach languages. Teachers can be paid or voluntary.

Your teachers should have:

  • professional qualifications in teaching from an Australian or overseas institution or
  • a certificate in language teaching. Every year the Certificate in Language Teaching, a professional learning course designed for teachers from community languages schools, is provided through the NSW Community Languages Schools Program.

Your teachers may also enrol to complete the Certificate in Language Teaching in the same year you are applying for funding.

Use the teacher profile form
Please complete this form for every new teacher at your school and send it to the program.

Ongoing professional development
We can help your teachers continue to improve their professional skills while they work. This makes sure your students enjoy a high-quality learning experience. Workshops and courses are run regularly. 

Working with Children Checks
Employers and organisations such as community languages schools who engage new volunteers or new staff, will need to register online for the new Working With Children Check. Once your organisation has registered, you will receive your login details which will allow you to manage your organisation's registration information and verify the Working With Children Check status of any child-related worker (paid or unpaid).

Under the new check:

  • Workers and volunteers will apply for their own Check once every five years
  • Employers will be able to verify a child-related worker's or volunteer's clearance number
  • The same Working With Children Check will apply to everyone – paid workers, self-employed people and volunteers.

New teachers
The new Working With Children Check started on 15 June 2013 and will be required for new paid staff and new volunteers only.

Current teachers
Those who are already in paid or unpaid, child-related work, need not apply straight away as checks for those people will be phased in from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017. 

Information sessions or online "webinars" provide all the information required that is supported by the fact sheets on the NSW Commission for Children and Young People website. The schedule for the sessions across the state can be found at the Children's Guardian website

It is important that every new volunteer, worker or teacher working at your community language school undergoes the appropriate check. These checks keep all children safe.

Your organisation must understand the requirements of the NSW Commission for Children and Young People Act, 1998 and any related Legislation. All employees, volunteers or subcontractors (either paid or unpaid) involved in your school must comply with the requirements of the Act and the Legislation.

Step 1
Register your organisation online at the Children's Guardian website

Step 2
After you have registered, every time a new staff member starts (paid or unpaid) they must complete the right check.

Step 3
Proof of these checks should be shown to the principal as part of your Community Use Agreement.

To find out more visit the Children's Guardian website


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