Find a venue

Most community languages schools are operated in government schools outside regular school hours.

Things to consider

Here are some points to think about before choosing where your school will be located:

  • Community languages schools funded by the NSW Community Languages Schools Program can use government school facilities and classrooms to run their school for free. You may not get your first choice of school location, so be willing to ask more than one school.
  • If you would like to use a government school you must arrange a meeting with the school principal to discuss your requirements. The school principal will make a decision based on the commitments they already have with other community groups.
  • Your community language school must be more than two kilometres away from any other community language school which teaches the same language.
  • If you are given permission by the school principal to use the school facilities you must sign a Community Use Agreement. This agreement outlines how your organisation can share the facilities of the government school.
  • You may also choose to run your community language school from a private, independent or other community location such as a church hall.
  • When choosing a venue consider important issues, such as whether the venue is easy to access for people with a disability or whether it meets fire regulation requirements. Learn more about insurance requirements.

How to approach a school

Our guidelines (PDF 181kB) will help you when you meet a school principal to talk about setting up a community language school.


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