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At the beginning of each school year you will need to enrol your students and gather information for funding.

To apply for a per-capita grant students must attend at least 70 per cent of classes held in Term 1 of the year. All enrolment details must match those used in the students' mainstream school enrolments.

You must include information about attendance in your application. This means you must keep student records up to date and on file.

To receive a grant a community language school must:

  • be more than two kilometres away from any other community language school which teaches the same language
  • normally have a minimum of 30 school-aged students enrolled. (Schools outside a metropolitan area with fewer than 30 students may be eligible for funding in some circumstances).
  • be open to school students from Kindergarten to Year 12, regardless of language background
  • have students who attend for at least 70 per cent of lessons in Term 1
  • hold classes outside school hours at least 35 weeks of the year
  • provide a minimum of two hours per week face-to-face language teaching based on a sound educational program.


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Enrol your students

Enrolment forms

Student enrolment form (doc, 74 KB) 

Parent consent form (docx, 18 KB)

Other useful forms

Permission to publish (doc, 29 KB)

Sample class roll (docx, 14 KB)